I feel like I'm up in my prime In Bombay with yo girl suckin' all on me Outlandish, I'm gorilla in the mesh All the legends, where they at? Next part, what should I kill? Follow my Spotify playlist: http://sptfy.com/16IzAirwaveMusicTV - Music for your heart. I'm killin' niggas like they on my bucket list I don't really got time for it Bitch, I been lit, man these niggas ain't shit but some pussies You don't like Adidas but this choppa give you shell toes My wordplay is amazing The beats beat when I'm beatin' like Doctor the Dre Fucked the bitch on my adlibs Tell his momma that I did it, she confused I catch 'em lackin' and kill 'em before I read all they energy I'm Rambo with the ammo, I don't never let go After that I may just double back and hit yo babysitter Uh-huh, huh, hahaha It just seemed like more bother than it was worth. The ideal alternative would allow you to pick and choose just the channels you want. Yeah, yeah, yeah Off the dome when I'm kickin' and spittin' the flows, ho Bitch, I'm remaining the same She hangin' out, fuck her curfew, uh I thought I told yo ass not to mess wit' it [Verse 15] Okay, let's skate Sometimes I think it's coming up My choppa retarded and spittin' on these goofy ass niggas Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, which stream live TV, include some DVR-like features. This talent is a gift and a fuckin' curse I'm not worried about these niggas, keep a .30 on my hip Hopefully, she get the gist You ain't know, she ain't know, he ain't know Put my dick in your wife Where your Tesla at nigga, I know you got it. I feel like Birdman stunner, uh Off the dome, kickin' it, that's just how it is Pull up to the scene with my hand on my K I don't fuck with scrappin' so I'm grippin' on that Smith and Nah I'm playin', all this shit a blessin' Ballin' out like I'm Odom before the crack, don't you get it? But I ain't got no time, I just got my 40, and I got your shawty Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh I'm wettin' it up like this shit Aquafina I hit the bitch then I'm gone Matter of fact, here it go Bombin' like Baghdad, where my dad at? Heat you up and your team in that bitch Uh, bought my soul back like I fuckin' sold it Cutting the cord isn't always a straightforward process. He freestyled for an hour over more than a dozen existing beats, those of which are listed below. You run up, that's okay, you gettin' played like Lenny Kravitz Run up on me then I'm snatching your life, and I'm snatching your chain, probably snatching your main Up in Toronto, gon' let your mom know I got the sack I called a player I ain't fumblin' Shit I must be My flow so brazy, my flow so cool She up in my crib, I'm tellin' you how it is I keep it three K like my name André, uh, yeah I'm just trying to find out what's mine sometimes, uh, ayy R.I.P. I may kill him fuck your homie, yuh, ayy, that's by my lonely Yeah, two matching Lambos You best believe that boy, huh Run up on me and I'm uppin' the .40, it ain't nothin' [Verse 11] I really do not condone it, I don't fuck with opponents Jet lagged from the last flight Kill his son too Spazz on they ass run it like track I'm enlightened and shit You say you ballin' like you Jordan, nigga, nah, you frontin' Yeah, warmed up and shit Sling TV, on the other hand, will stop the current stream if it detects that another one has started. I'm finna catch myself, yeah, uh Feel like Kudi 'cause I'm still rockin' the Dolo [Verse 5] Still spittin', still rippin' writtens I pull up on the scene, choppa get to fuckin' ringing Ayy, I flew from London to Chicago I sell it and make it right back boy How come all my enemies is blind Pull up on the scene freeze it, I call it a snowglobe My flow so outdated, so old school Walkin' with a limp .40 heavy like I'm pimpin' I hit a lick, then I hit a hit on yo bitch, I don't miss After that I may just have to go and take what's mine And that's just what it is Walkin' yo hoes home, my dick in yo hoes dome Catch this chopper into yo intestines Westwood shit I'm so high that I cannot remember to forget I'm sick of lookin' at the news, I may lose another, for real, yuh You must be dope, bitch, I'm crack, yuh You couldn't pay me to write For instance, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, the two live TV alternatives to cable, don't include a lot of the major sports networks. Drinking Henny with the lean, 'til I throw up This may change in the future, but for now, Sling and other streaming options have limitations. I'm happy so it's time to take some mad pills Maybe I'll just use 'em in this shit You'll need a strategy for live events -- especially sports. She Paul Wall 'cause she wanna chop and screw me Man You my son, lil' nigga, I birthed you Taylor with the shit feel like swift, bitch Fuckin' that bitch like the Ramadan If I go broke, I'm probably servin' like an entree I'm screaming fuck all the games, I'll put a shot through your gang The Shadowify extension claims to create realistic shadows far better than Photoshop's Drop Shadow effect. Run up on me, that's okay I'm just tryna keep my distance, yuh Pullin' up in the Chrysler like John Dillinger Every day I'm on a different shit Janitor, I'll mop his ass up, chop his ass up Run up on me then I run up on him with that chopper he hittin' the lab Double cup filled up got me stumblin' You don't want no smoke don't condone it R. Kelly with the nina I'ma make it flirt What you call that shit? Huh, she wanna chop and screw me I been marchin' on niggas like I am army enlisted If you fuckin' with my money cuz, I'm all about a grip I'm kinda hungry off the weed, I may chomp you Fuck with me I up that choppa tear your bones apart, uh Need a crown I been the king, yuh, niggas funny, Jerry Spring-yuh Yeah, she put her hands in the air when my song come on Run up on me then they gettin' destroyed Choppa like a candy make the shit starburst Man, I spit shit I shake up, I don't do dab Before you catch a couple shots for yo kinfolk Thinkin' I would be here one day I'm sad, I know, yeah And crack bars and went too far off the Xan bars if there is a problem with the jack on the laptop, don't let it get out of warranty before you get it fixed because it is very expensive to fix. Treat you like you Christ, with the shit crucified, huh Suicide if you try to take my drugs Like Drake with the 6, runnin' through it with my woes For starters, make sure your ISP supports super-high-speed bandwidth necessary for streaming high-def (and super-high-def) video. I swear to god I'm invincible you can't harm me lil' nigga, yeah .40 on my hip I up it on me luckily, huh I don't give a fuck, I'm on my fucked shit Yeah, there's a diff— I got the force like Obi-Wan, last name Kenobi Homicide if you try to rob my plug, ayy I always f— like forget how the beginning of this song sound I pull up on them with the choppa, and screamin' out, "Hey! I'm dying to live That's what we aim at My next project, it's gon' be harder I've been flying through the air I feel like Bonaparte, uh Ruler and the Glock, elementary, I'm in her mouth like a dentist I fly in that bitch like super powers My gun a librarian that bitch came with a silencer This choppa give you shell toes I pull up on the scene with my .40, it came from my plaster She say, "Fuck that shit, I need church" But most people will end up subscribing to a few different bundles to cover all their needs. I guess you didn't weigh your options out, your outcomes The shit I say is for grown men, these bars are not for lil' boys Me and Westwood in the 'Rari You run up on me, choppa holy it'll bless 'em, uh Matter fact take a chain on your wrist, slave you up useful, hahaha I'ma put you in a hearse You want to go to heaven so bad, here's a halo It’ll Rival Your Smartphone for Connectivity. Man, I rapped on like seventy beats "What the fuck my baby went and fuckin' did?" It's evident that I'm your bitches favorite *gunshot sounds* hop on ghosts Uh, uh-uh, uh I be trufflin' I spit crack boy I feel like I'm dropped like a dime sometimes, uh [quote]There is still no better way to go about this than to run a damn ethernet cable. Beam on my gun, that's a red nose Yeah, and that's some wordplay and this what I say I don't spit lines, I still got pick up You'll probably need a 30amp ammeter (less than $10.00 at Harbor Freight) You could use a shunt and measure in millivolts but I can't remember dimensions Platinum plugs seem to last a lot longer and will fire a motor in less than optimum tune in my experience. Shout out to them Pirus, flow go so bray Bitch I got on white ones fendi on my shirt bitch.." I rapped. I get Duff and Clinton money like my name Hillary I had a set in 550 for over 44,000 miles without changing or gapping. These niggas acting, I think they need a Oscar 3. So when I kill I walk away like fuck it, shit I never had a father, like I said I'm such a bastard I'm spittin' miracles, I'm in that white whip I'm a fuck a bitch so good, she gon' let me hit it from behind, yuh Look at me, what am I on? Got so much drive if I crash this shit mufuckas, muhfuckas, may just catch whiplash Oh, ayy, I bet Ain't no such thing as halfway The bullet rim rattle Stevie Wonder with it, still got 20/20 vision Runnin' up on me you get popped I was shootin' craps takin' money Stars, how I shine Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh I forgot a W, I took that out, 'cause that W stand for "Win" Hell yeah, yeah, bitch, I may use you My word is really my weapon, I'm coming back for some seconds What you wanna do, boy? Uh-huh, yeah These niggas ain't locked up, haven't seen bars yet That shit dead Bernie Mac now Pourin' that in the back of the truck Doin' the best that I can for my niggas, yeah I think I could rap forever Damn right like I've been famous Suicide if you try to take my drugs I sent you my address a couple weeks ago, you ain't come through I'm a boss, that's a Mafia thing And she look at my whole team then suck 'em all Back on spittin' the crack, ho Cross the street, the bitch go both ways Hopefully I'm finna meet these niggas up in heaven, uh Really I got blueprints Sometimes I think it brings out the concealed me I don't know what's gotten' into me I ain't even have to say it Yo sins ain't forgivin' On the down side, you will need to open your PC’s case to install the card. Had to kill 'em in a minute Run up on me, that's okay, you a pussy, get shot nine times Homicide if I'm reaching for my gun Uh, this one for the legend, uh I was annoyed. Consider a change. How often do you come home and immediately switch on the TV? It's money in my pockets You get jacked like a pumpkin, no O'Lantern, uh Pull up on the scene, huh, that's just me, uh Totin' on the semi Man this shit look easy, on my grind like Trukfit, no Lil Weezy I'm a misfit, Tony Hawk on my grind like a trip tip, you could get hit I got a knife in my right hand, your bitch in my left hand Niggas dirty so that choppa actin' like brooms, uh The wordplay is way better than these other niggas I'm blacked, and excellent Run up on me, I got heat like the sun These niggas, fake friends, hatin', thinkin' that they know me Half of these niggas can't do it ‘Even the Odds’ is the 7th track off of Big Sean & Metro Boomin’s ‘Double or Nothing’ which features Young Thug, as well as Gucci Mane assisted ad-libs. I'ma hit a lick like I smack that tongue, yeah Even if I'm high as fuck, I'm in the studio working Yeah, uh, uh Yeah, there's a difference Feel like Drake when I'm rappin' 'cause I start from the bottom Ooh, we kickin' it, man, look Lookin' at my dad like, "You made me?" Post Malone teases something big with Playboi Carti High-Key Details. Shoot 'em in his chest now he asthma attack You heard DJ L? Choppa leave you cryin' like a chick flick, I'm a sick kid I'm still rappin' on it 'cause I'm showin' the distance between me and these other niggas With a passport and a black torch Interscope got me livin' a lil' proper You just a Kung Fu Panda Run up on me you get spin like a twister Freestyle off the dome I won't lie in this bitch Singing like I'm CeCe Winans I spit like I'm on a ministry I'm in London gettin' it jumpin' I'm in the cut with a super soaker, run up on me and you know it's over This beat Nike Just keep it tall, your mans sit and you see his call Bitches talkin' bout Dave East from London the Edenwald I ain't scared of death, when I sleep, me and the Reaper talk Fresh out public housin', this life is better than we'd a thought I want you off this Earth then we don't need to talk Same rules apply, baby, she ain't fuckin' then she can walk From the Chi, from the Chi, look alive I spit the shit I say, go back, re-say it Gettin' top from a bad bitch on a Futon I was high, not her I rapped. I could spit whatever, ahh Then I may just fuck you on this track let's go to Japan Kill a nigga in his condo Hell nah, 'cause you will get popped off like a zit I'll blow up, C4's I may just detour, huh There are four types of ball valves: A full port or full bore ball valve has an over-sized ball, so that the hole in the ball is the same size as the pipeline, resulting in lower friction loss. Same ol' person Like single ladies and Beyoncé, yeah I met that bitch on the lowin' He freestyled for an hour over more than a dozen existing beats Text to 44202 (Msg&Data Rates May Apply) 1. I'm running shit like gym class on your bitch ass Let's keep goin' man, I'm just feelin' nauseous Off the Xannies, I'm a zombie I'm never runnin' out of energy, I'm a suspect grippin' this firearm in your vicinity Or maybe I'll just use 'em in a skit Listen, I heard yo bitch on my hit list Plug manufacturers have preached to the F-1 guys for years about using a torque wrench when installing these 10mm plugs, you just cannot rely on “feel”. Run up on me then you catchin' a funeral Ol' big bad wolf huff-puffin' ass niggas Lord forgive me on this mic, 'cause I know I'm finna sin I will not go out, I gotta show out Tricks are for grownups, they said they were for kids Yeah, I did it Freestyle off the dome, I don't write, too exciting At the door, knock knock, please lettin' 'em in He ain't do the crime [last lines of the film, narrating] We live together, we train together, we fight together, we stand for good together. It's Terry Crews with this shit you know I'm musclin' I got a couple of bars I could spit Shy? I'm just high tryna survive— I feel like a angel with these devil horns, stop it I'm doin' my damn thing, I rap and I sing Pop a roofie, I'm gone, in a whole 'nother zone I got a rocket on me, no launcher Get it, bitch Run up on me then you get shot Please don't proceed to hop up on my dick You run up on me, you gone, that choppa on me, it's rung If you're a hard-core fantasy sports player who needs to see every game in every market live or recorded, cutting the cord could be a huge headache. A four-leaf clover on a bullet, good luck with these niggas Matter fact I have 'em dancin' when I shoot it crippin' I only slept for an hour, that's on the plane My first guess, they wanted shit Shoot him in his face a couple times like a gun range That's a bar I slide into yo bitch DM like a sled and toboggan I swear to God we get to growlin' and bouncin' and pouncin' Judas? Yeah, and that's on my life Let's see how long they could act Shut the fuck up and listen, I'm ballin' hard like a Piston, You goofier than a bitch, lil' Austin Powers, It got a clip, shoot a movie like Clooney, She Paul Wall 'cause she wanna chop and screw me, I got that bomb flow, I'll fuck your mom, ho, Look Alive by BlocBoy JB (Ft. Drake & Drake), On To The Next One by JAY-Z (Ft. Swizz Beatz). Yes. Pull up on the scene like kick shit like Judo I'm in the cut with the nina Breaking Bad method how I sell this meth Spazin' on they ass do that shit all day Let me take this shit, it may take a bit Huh, ahuh, this nigga crazy Lookin' at my watch like that's a star, huh My choppa sick or something Me and Westwood smokin' on the backwood Maybe you like background TV when you're cooking, working from home or having friends over. You can call me crazy 'Cause you know we was gon' leave yo ass dropped like a sunroof on a new coupe Nicki Minaj's rhymes are as sharp as ever on her 'Queen' album, which features appearances by Eminem, Future and Foxy Brown. I'm up in London Forget RICE, there's now a much better way to SAVE your phone if you drop it in water WE'VE all heard the urban myth that putting a drenched smartphone into … You ain't on shit, WW-dot-com I wrap the rap in plastics, that's just some plaster rap I'm the shit to these niggas like damn Pull up on him, god damn, I'ma up the odd got a nine for it, yuh For on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, you obviously don't need a DVR. Sky dweller check, helicopter pad, droppin' off a body bag, money talk, guess I got the gift of gab Don't interject, don't intercept, you ain't on a jet, you ain't meet a bitch with this kinda money yet Yeah, I got an Audemar, I ain't set the time once and I know they say they shine, I ain't seen 'em shine once I tell her sorry I cannot fuck, I wanna play her like an Atari Fuck a bitch and put her voice up on the adlibs Look what happened on a fuckin' Sunday I'm up to bat, boy, it's out the park like Barry Bonds Ion give a fuck nor another damn I forgot them days, I still remember 'em For real, I need to know Like Jumpman, .23 and that Glizzy come and get it With a bitch on my lap like my first name Santa These shits pricey Callin' a ruckers [Verse 9] Matter fact call me Hercules I'm thinkin' that I need Percs Run up, that's okay, you gon' die from the fire Ball like Julius Erving, fuck with me you hit the curb I am the last man, this is the last stand, I got the big bands Yeah, that's the shit that I'm on, you ain't on shit 'cause you dumb My choppa on me, that's my mini-me, aha, yeah To more like Dubai, hold on I put a bullet hole through your muffin ass, nigga Hallowed be thy name, pray to catch his ass slippin' Always good I always been great I'm the best to ever do it, I'll say that shit forever And these niggas talkin' dumb to me Desert Eagle on my hip, I'm not a Eagles fan There are a number advantages in opting for a higher DC supply voltage. But then nigga switch it up to something so new Represent Chicago, yeah, uh Shove it in they ears, they hearin' every word I'm up to bat, throw a fastball, it's a hit I'm not the one, I'm not the one, ayy Sometimes I think it exposes and reveals me I feel like I got superpowers, I'm so superb Choppa on my hip I had to hollow my tips I'm like Future at the end of the day I'm just being honest I give you cancer with this bullet I'm not on XBOX, nah, you can't play me, nigga Some niggas against me, some niggas don't get me He pullin' out hella beats, cool And these other niggas they be forgettin' Homicide, baby, would you hold my gun? Niggas switching over money that's where they change at I'ma end yo shit this is doomsday, ooh Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg News on everything pertaining to technology I'm feelin' like Uncle Ruckus Cock it back and then I shoot Pre rolled, filled it good that's a packed wood Shake it up like earthquakes lil' Haiti nigga Up in school he wanna fight, I beat him up after class I ain't sippin' clean nothin', this some dirty Fanta Westwood they was sleepin' Keep it on my hip, holst it up comfortably Like it was drunk I up it it'd start to vomit, ooh I pull up with that chopper, stick his ass like voodoo I can't focus without codeine, my medicine You can get much bigger inverters on 24V or 48V than 12V. I'm in the scene with a nina, you run up, I'm shootin' Freestylin's a preference, send you to stairway to heaven Sit down muhfucker 'cause I know you can't stand it And don't be surprised if one of your favorite shows has different seasons distributed on different streaming channels. But if you're using an antenna, you might want a way to record fleeting shows and events. I leave that nigga cooked up like mincemeat Jackie Chan when I'm smokin', I really feel like an Asian This some, uh, this some, uh, this some, uh, this some [Verse 1] The antennas are replaceable, meaning that you can use a bigger, higher gain antenna if you need a better signal, or even hook up a cable so that you can place the antenna elsewhere in the room. Once you have your antenna set up correctly, the quality of the stations you receive may be better than it was with old analog TV broadcasts—and perhaps even better than cable. At the very least, if you have to have the egr system functioning, replace the cooler with a upgraded one … Haha, that's BS Not quite. I'm beyond that Look up in the sky, do the stars work? I keep it 3K like my first name Andre Bad bitch finna come my way it's the same one that my lattitudes take. With a bitch that like to act up And they bitches kinda bad I'ma have to get behind Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I'm hoping that I prosper I turn my bucket list into a fuckin' fuck it list © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Vlone on me, uh, yeah, Revenge on me, yuh, ayy, that's your homie Bad bitch in my DMs I'ma prolly do that I use to hope for it, dream for it, wish for it, pray for it Tell yo bitch to swallow kids and I'll tell you to swallow clips I hit this OG, let his mom know You don't want no problems I'll turn yo ass to a target then threw yo ass in the garbage Ballin' on these niggas like MJ I'm the best to ever do it, I'ma say that again If it's smoke, you know it's up there, I ain't tryna reconcile I ain't tryna go back to poverty, I ain't tryna relate to you I ain't got no time to kick it, I got better shit to do I ain't' trippin' on no bitch, I got kids who gotta eat And Versace on my feet, Chain Reaction, black and white I be … Hand on a Smith and, I'ma go and get 'em Amn't as a contraction of am not is known from 1618. Chip on my shoulder it's lookin' like a Pringles can We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Uh-uh, uh, uh-uh, uh, oh You have options. I'm just vibin' on 'em What I said in that one song In 2016 I was poppin' them Xannies And they singin' like Jonas, I don't really got no smoke Curb stomp a nigga before he could say a word … Ball 'til I'm bald think I need a toupee I could probably rap wherever I close my eyes so I can lock in Man, man Really though, I get it poppin' like a nigga hittin' wheelies, ho hell no just a little bashful All about myself, I give a fuck about you Kinda like a cha-cha slide he back up I swear, they need to stay where they at Kept my wits about me luckily, you know I'm smart, uh You don't want problems, no smoke at all These niggas think that they can get me, they can't get me Mix it with the pills and liquor, I may die on this bitch ESPN Radio Programming Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin. Uh, I'ma, uh This beat hard as fuck Who the fuck brought in these boys I could trap in Siberia, I could trap wherever Mic check 1-2 testin' Basically what happens in a plug and play hot tub when you turn the jets onto high speed the heater shuts off. [Verse 8] I been rippin' writtens without writing a damn thing My flow, it burns niggas I'm shitting on every posse But my flow is unmatched, my flow is outmatched Fuck yo bitch on camera and call that shit a hardcore My flow is off the chain, pull up in the rover, yeah, I got the range My money got longer, shout out to Uzi I feel like I'm lost in my mind sometimes, uh Try the judge a nigga, I told 'em they Cochran Whether you switch to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling TV or any other option, you'll still pay for shows that go unwatched. Junior Johnson had this to say about his creativity when it came to building cars: "I loved the game. Life's a bitch, why is mine keep playin' farfetched Told you before I don't fuck with these niggas Pull up on 'em with the gun like damn I'ma drop bars same way I drop bombs Run up on him with the chopper, I swear I'ma shoot 'em for real I don't show no remorse Let's go buy some cars or something Seriously, yo. Nigga ain't talkin' Serena that jack only costs 3 bucks but it is soldered on the motherboard. I'm not the one, yeah I'm Matrix when I pop these Xannies, that's a limitless pill Matter of fact, my mind is my weapon Your bitch too sleazy, .40 bless you, sneezin'

you ain't better than a plug dropping off 2021