Key words: Determinant factors, Livelihood diversification, Household incomes, Prosopis juliflora invasion, Simpson’s diversification index (SDI) Cite this article. Multiple linear regression technique along with Simpson index, Herfindahl index and priority index have been used for the analysis. This is because livelihood diversification index and household income are jointly depended on similar household socioeconomic variables. Nibedita … In spite of these, it is evident that … The review was made on determinants and challenges of livelihood diversification in Ethiopia. The age group of 55+ shows a 28% to 30% likelihood of choosing highly valued diversification … We hypothesised that poorer households engage in numerous low-value activities to sustain livelihoods, while high-income households tend to specialise in few high-value strategies. 3: A Framework for Livelihoods Analysis . Posted On: 24 JAN 2019 12:55PM by PIB Delhi The pace of reduction of poverty in India has speeded up in recent years as per the Global Multi-dimensional Poverty Index 2018 as also the note published by the Brookings … Rupali Talukdar Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, K.C. According to the Ellis (2000a) livelihood diversification is a process by which rural households construct a diverse portfolio of activities and social support capabilities in their struggle for survival and improvement in their … 77: Agriculture and Farm Productivity . Since the total livelihood diversification strategies available is four, the index can be mathematically expressed as follows: Number of livelihood … higher likelihood of influencing the estimated livelihood diversification index positively. mined by Herfindahl index, and index of livelihood diversification was used to analyse the determinants of income diversification using Tobit regression model. The estimated Simpson Index showed that fishermen have diversified their livelihood activities at medium level. 139: Macro Policies and Reform Agendas . 4 This assertion is supported by the literature with Huber et al. Livelihood diversification has received much attention from researchers and policy makers in the past decades, with high hopes that promoting it can offer a pathway for poverty . (2011) thus: Where: D is the diversity index, S j is the share of income from source j, Y j is the total income from … Das Commerce College, Assam, India. The purpose of this study is to analyse the options and determinants of livelihood diversification (LD) strategies adopted by farmers in the coastal region of Bangladesh. However, identification of the factors that determine households’ choice of livelihood strategies of pastoralists has received little attention. Though the cause and effects of poverty incidence has multiple dimensions, there are evident correlations in index of rural livelihood diversification and rural poverty incidence (measured through 61st Round consumer expenditure survey). But Simpson Index of diversification is widely used and accepted by the researchers for determination of livelihood diversification (Ahmed et al., 2018; Asravor, 2018; Addisu, 2017; Khatun … Simple random sampling and multistage sampling have been used to select the sample … direct, Scopus, Pubmed, Index Copernicus, WorldCat and ScinceOpen were used to gather potentially relevant work for the topic. Understanding how livelihood diversification contributes to long-term non-migration decisions of people at risks is innovative and timely in the context of future climate change adaptation planning. Moreover, livelihood diversification within the context of a sustainable livelihood framework is perceived to be an effective policy strategy for the reversal of the persistent state of rural household deprivation (Devereux et al., 2003). The single most important activity is trading, while labouring for others is also important. Determining livelihood diversification patterns, factors affecting them and related constraints within Eastern Cape. But, recently livelihoods are gradually diversifying away from … Since high values of the index implies highly valued livelihood diversification strategies, individuals aged 16–25 are 20% to 23% more likely to choose highly valued diversification strategies than those of age less than 16 years. Contents. The study … Regional Sustainability, 2020, 1(1): 82 … The results of the regression … Livelihood diversification in South Africa has become the backbone for many of the households‟ in rural areas and it is perceived as a strategy to cope with the growing population and the rapidly increasing poverty rate. More than half of the households (53.4%) pursued three activities as a means of income and food. Although there is a higher labour supply in the agricultural sector, but the households earn … Wakshum Shiferaw, Sebsebe Demissew, Tamrat Bekele, Ermias Aynekulu. The findings suggest … Some methods of the determination of livelihood diversification are Simpson Index, Ogive index, Entropy index, Composite entropy index, modified entropy index and Herfindahl index (Ahmed et al., 2018). 6 and 25.6% of the households were poor, less poor and better-off, respectively. Even though livelihood diversification is an important means of survival strategy for the pastoral and agro-pastoral households in the study area, there are several constraints that determine the extent and magnitude of livelihood diversification. The cause of this growth is complex and quite … This implies that an increase in the value of any of the variables will negatively influence the estimated livelihood diversification index. Some … The paper also shows the need for greater historical depth in the understanding of livelihood diversification. The distribution of households with … Livelihood diversification towards non-farm sector is associated with greater income opportunities and reduction in rural poverty. Diversification of livelihoods is a commonly applied strategy for coping with economic and environmental shocks and instrumental in poverty reduction. Tag Archives: Livelihood Diversification Index. In this paper, we have assessed the role of livelihood diversification in household well-being in Humla, a remote mountain district in west Nepal. With respect to ecosystem-based livelihoods, there is more household participation in fishing and seaweed farming, but it varies from village to village. The The agrarian space … livelihoods as constructed from a portfolio of resources, or activities [8]. A survey of 133 sample households, and four KIIs were employed. A sizeable number of rural households in South Africa work two or more jobs to generate more income. The result showed that 33.8, 40. However, the coefficients of years of formal education (-0.1496), primary occupation (-0.5783), location (-1.8759), marital status (-1.9220) and income (-1.0609) were negative. The income diversification index used in the study area was defined as the inverse of the Herfindahl index as adopted from Idowu et al. The results showed that age of the respondents, years of schooling, access to credit and savings had positive effect, while, mode of land ownership, distance from the nearest market and value of household’s assets had negative effects on livelihood diversification. 24 Glory E. Edet and Nsikak-Abasi A. Etim: Factors Influencing Rural Livelihood Diversification: Implications for Poverty Reduction reduction and economic growth in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA) (World Bank, 2007; Loison, 2015) Many … The results show that livelihood diversification is very high in coastal households in Zanzibar. There are a lot of pushes and pull factors that affect rural livelihood diversification. measured using the Simpsons Index of Diversity (SID), and the income shares obtained by the households from their livelihoods was estimated using the mean of income shares approach. Being older contributes positively to variations in the livelihood diversification index. This study particularly examines this question and explores how and to what extent livelihood diversification in the face of climate change can support long-term non-migration for people living in … This research was therefore proposed with the aim of generating location specific data on livelihood strategies and its determinants in Borena district of southern Oromia, … Crop and animal production were practised by almost all of the sample households. Diversification status was measured by Simpson diversity index (SDI) using SPSS 20. Index. DAY-NRLM - Reducing Poverty through Livelihood Diversification. 53: Poverty and Income Distribution . Empirical findings of this study indicates that livelihood diversification is becoming the norm among rural households. After thorough reading, 42 papers were used to review out of 182 papers. Regarding this, livelihood diversification index was determined, which was achieved by dividing the number of livelihood diversification strategies used by the individual farmers by all the livelihood diversification strategies available in the study area. DAY-NRLM - Reducing Poverty through Livelihood Diversification. References. In … Unsettled herder households (UHH), settled herder households (SHH) and farmer households (FH) are different household types in far northwestern China whose livelihood diversification has not been fully explored. This serves as a strategy to alleviate their poverty. The main reason for livelihood diversification could be positive or negative factors like improving existing livelihoods, as copping strategy for changing climatic conditions landlessness due to population pressure in the rural areas. Relationship between Prosopis juliflora invasion and livelihood diversification in the South Afar region, Northeast Ethiopia[J]. Employing the data produced from household surveys, we developed a composite household well … Livelihood diversification strategies play a key role in development process. Moreover, livelihood diversification index has been used previously as dependent variable in equation (2). Fishers’ livelihood diversification in Bhagirathi–Hooghly stretch of Ganga River in India Arun Pandit*, Anjana Ekka, B. K. Das, S. Samanta, Lokenath Chakraborty and Rohan K. Raman ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore, Kolkata 700 120, India For the resource-poor fishers, livelihood diversifica- tion is a strategy to cope with the uncertainties and inadequateness of fisheries as a … It shows that there is a high involvement of women in diversification and that the contribution of diversification activities to cash incomes is particularly important for poorer households. Based on a field survey in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, this paper intended to look at the degree of livelihood diversification and its impact on the … Berger-Parker Diversity Index (activity based) and the Simpson index to measure the level of livelihood diversification and the Ordinal Least Square (OLS) to examine key determinants of LD. Livelihoods Diversification and Agrarian Change . Households continue to depend largely on agriculture-based livelihoods, which have not resolved the problem of poverty in the Northern region, particularly for women, who because of their gender have limited access to farming resources. 117: Gender and Rural Livelihoods . However, the overall level of diversification, compared to potential available opportunities, was found to be low. Adaptation to climate change is making a system suitable to moderate the impact of climate change or deal with the consequence or … Agriculture as a sole livelihood activity in Sub-Saharan African countries in general and in Ethiopia in particular, is a failed activity due to the fact that agricultural sector in this region is highly … Diversification debates in the development literature have not sufficiently unpacked the context and issues for women. the effect of livelihood diversification index on the income of farm household. By applying a … 160: Investigating … Diversification status was measured by Simpson … This paper has attempted to explore the nature and pattern of livelihood diversification in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. This empirical study offers an insight into the … A mixed research method of sequential transformative strategy was used. Agriculture has been the primary source of livelihoods of rural Bangladeshi since many years. The index of rural livelihood diversification is the composite indicator for labour force participation in agriculture and various non agricultural activities. Ministry of Rural Development. Surveys and key informant interviews (KII) were sources of data. Equal weightage method of livelihood index formulation was adopted to study the changes in livelihood capitals over time between the treatment and the control group under study. Furthermore, fisheries and tourism are the most important sectors, and offer more opportunities to generate higher income for households. They argue that deprivation within rural farm households is an endemic and growing problem throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The majority (65%) of households witnessed engaging in 2–3 livelihood sources. Key Words: Livelihood diversification, simpson index, rural Bangladesh INTRODUCTION Bangladesh is an agrarian economy with 54% of its total population residing in rural areas and involved directly or indirectly in farming (World Bank, 2013). Currently, climate change and its impacts is a key issue in Ethiopia. The search engines used to collect published and unpublished works were challenges of rural livelihood diversification in Ethiopia, determinants of rural livelihood diversification strategies in Ethiopia, rural livelihood diversification strategies in Ethiopia, and livelihood … Livelihood diversification is beneficial to mitigate economic and environmental risks and to improve livelihood sustainability and regional sustainable development. The Role of Community Based Watershed Management for Rural Livelihood in Wereda Adwa, Central Tigray Zone (Published) Article Author: Meaza Hadush. 98: Environment and Sustainability . Non-farm … , concluding that different economic activities … LIVELIHOOD DIVERSIFICATION AS A STRATEGY OF LIVELIHOOD AMONG FARM HOUSEHOLDS: A STUDY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO BORDER VILLAGES OF UDALGURI DISTRICT Malabika Kalita Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Dimakuchi College, Assam, India. The purpose of this study was to identify the livelihood strategies and diversification status in the western tip of Ethiopia, Lare woreda. Livelihood diversification refers to attempts by individuals and households to find new and multiple ways to raise incomes and reduce environmental risks (Sekumade & Osundare, 2014). 28: Dimensions of Diverse Rural Livelihoods . Different published and unpublished documents were collected through different search engines from different databases, Google scholar and Google.

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