Mine is only 30, yours must be more to the lab side. An adult Beagle is typically 13 to 15 inches tall and weighs about 20 to 30 pounds. Needs to be with his pack. Although this is by no means a fixed length. See more ideas about beagle lab mixes, beagle, cute dogs. This is a very playful and good natured dog. The Akita Lab mix dog is a new hybrid or “designer” dog, In this article you will learn about some of the best-loved, The typical Akita temperament is one of confidence and, The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a rare and unusual catch, Does the idea of having a real sled dog as a family pet and, Alaskan Husky vs Siberian Husky… Your veterinarian may recommend a Hip Evaluation, Elbow Evaluation, Ophthalmologist Evaluation, EIC DNA Test, and an MLS DNA Test. Like many Beagle mixes, the Beagle Lab mix dog was initially bred in the USA and it is a very popular breed in the country for more than three decades. Food/ treat motivated. Labradoodle Temperament – Are They More Poodle, Lab, Or Magic Mix? We adopted her and go back tomorrow to pick her up after she’s had her round of shots and been spayed. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all but when I first felt it, I thought he had a broken rib. Adams VJ, et al. We do live in an apartment, but we have another dog for her to play with and we are a pretty active family. There’s. Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019. American Bulldog Mixes – Which One Is Right For You? Perhaps you’re not sure the Beagle Lab mix is the perfect dog for you. The Beagle Lab Mix is the result of crossing a Beagle with a Labrador Retriever. For the first year he had to be leashed because he would just follow his nose and keep going, but once he bonded he was fine. I would definitely recommend this mixed breed he is friendly and loving and he thinks he’s a lap dog but I don’t mind. A Beagle Mix is a cross between a Beagle and another dog breed. Posted Breed: Beagle / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat). The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. 2006 Copper-Associated Chronic Hepatitis in Labrador Retrievers. The full-grown Labrador will be 22 to 25 inches and weigh about 55 to 80 pounds. He can be territorial and he has snapped when he feels scared. The expected lifespan of a Beagle Lab mix is 10-15 years. We’ve just adopted a puppy Beagador. She never has accidents in the house and only gets “testy” when one of the others wants to play and she’s napping! Beagle Lab Mixes can weigh as light as 30 lbs and as heavy as 75. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, May 8, 2019 By Caitlin Riffee 29 Comments. As with temperament, the Beagle Lab mix can inherit a wide range of physical traits from both parents. He’s 10, will be 11 in Sept. We adopted our beagle-lab mix from a shelter. The urge to hunt and forage for the even merest.crumb of food. The Beagador was likely bred around the time most designer breeds came to be, the 90’s and early 2000’s. $1,500 He doesnt like storms he has to be around someone or he shakes severely and prances around. In need of a lab mix with beagle ours passed away last week. You never know what you may get with a mix breed. We have a game where I make the sounds of eating and he frantically searches for his bone because he thinks I’m gonna eat it. Get another one just maybe same soul come back to you. They Have Labrador Stomachs. The Beagador is a famous dog that excels in dog sports. Although most shelters incur fees, they are often a fraction of what some breeders will charge. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Labrador and Beagle are two of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Again, size, height, and weight can vary depending on the purebred parents. He takes turns sleeping-guarding each kid at night. OMG yours is 60lb? Do you own a Lab Beagle Mix? Regular brushing will also reduce shedding. Santoro D and Marsella R. 2002. In general, a full grown Beagle Lab Mix will be a medium sized dog that about 19 to 24 inches and 25 to 45 pounds. She could be destructive, my TI83+ I needed for school was just one of many things. Labs are known to suffer loose knee joints, elbow and hip dysplasia, ruptured ligaments in their hind legs, eye disease, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, and chronic allergies. Minimal training and he sits, stays, lays down, rolls over and shakes. Beagadors make excellent pets for the right families. Help! Shelters often carry all types of crossbreeds, and one of the many advantages of a rescue dog is the price! There are some great guides to help you with all aspects of puppy care and training. If Beagle Lab puppies take after their Labrador Retriever parent, then they may be black, yellow, or chocolate in color. They may need to be trained to contain their high spirited nature. A breeder who has raised the litter well. So do plenty of research before you decide where to get your Beagle Lab Mix. Question which dog food is best for my beagle lab. Thinks she is a lapdog, can be needy. However, they are quite vocal and known for their boisterous bark! Called by the name of Beagador, the attractive Beagle Lab Mix dog breed is crossbred between a Beagle and Labrador retriever. You’ll find them listed on our puppy page. She just figured out how to climb it then, yet it kept several other dogs in no problem. I’ve know labs who are obsessed with food but it seems that coupled with the ‘nose to the ground behaviour of a beagle makes for a food hunting monster that needs to be monitored and managed. In modern times, the Lab is bred as a doting family pet. These, The Airedoodle is a beautiful and unique hybrid dog with two. I drove 3 hours to “meet” him with my two younger kids. But looking at the parent breeds will help. She was a very good dog, loyal as it got, and never growled at anyone ever, never mind biting. Then you’ve, American Bulldog mixes are an unusual crossbreed that is, The American Bully, or Bully Pit, is a muscular, stocky, mix, American Dog Breeds - 10 of the Best from The USA You can, however, be sure that he will be adorable. He bays like a beagle and has the sweetest personality! The full extent of the Beagle’s origin is a bit hazy. Howell TJ et al. Everyone feels like to laugh at their witty character. Have a look at some other Lab and Beagle mixes below. When introducing a new dog to your household, it’s best to provide your new pup with proper socializing and training. It may be water repellant, like a Lab. Beagles are known to be playful, affectionate, and highly energetic, meaning they crave constant activity and need a sufficient amount of exercise. From a breeder, be ready to spend anywhere from $600 to over $1,000 depending on the breeder’s reputation and the history of the Lab Beagle Mix’s parents. She was moving and no pets were allowed and she had to travel for work so he was already home alone a lot or pawned off on friends. Caring for a vulnerable Beagador puppy is a big responsibility. In short, there’s nothing a Beagador doesn’t like to eat! He's got a stubbed tail - shelter thought he had some cocker spaniel in him - we don't see it. Generally, it is a medium-sized breed, weighing 25 to 45 pounds, and growing to between 13 and 22 inches as an adult. The Labrador Retriever was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1917. What’s everyone thing? Very selective of his people - not good with strangers. I’ve never seen another beagador with a short tail. The Beagle and Lab mix is the first-generation offspring of a Labrador Retriever (Lab) and Beagle. I have been feeding mine Wellness core raw and mixing it with Nature’s Balance. The Labrador Mix is not a purebred dog. Very easy to train and she’s great off-leash. They may make it their mission to greet every person who walks in the door with gusto. For a rescue dog, you can expect most adoption fees to be anywhere from $50 to $100. This, Looking for info on the American Akita, we'll tell you, American Bull Terrier breeds and mixes are probably among, Wondering about the American Bulldog Lab Mix? Known health problems that affect Beagles include, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, luxating patella (a dislocated kneecap), and eye disorders (including glaucoma and cherry eye). Research in Veterinary Science. Which is what results in names like Beagador! Labrador Retrievers and Beagles are prone to excessive weight gain. It should be easy to to train this highly intelligent and social breed – if you can keep his attention. Turcsan B et al. Very smart. Get help finding a puppy with our puppy search guide. He is a very well behaved dog. The outdoor lifestyle is the only place where beagle lab crossbred dogs would get a proper workout and sniff around as beagles are descendants of a hunting dog breed. They prefer attention, and when they are left alone for the longer time, then they get bored. Sutter NB and Ostrander EA. Pediatrics, Duffy D et al. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Because so many health issues are heritable, it’s always important to research the history and parentage of your puppy, if possible. You can also find a local AKC, which can help you locate the right breeder. Journal Of Veterinary Internal Medicine. She is shedding like crazy!! Nov 26, 2016 - Explore Klc's board "Beagle Lab Mixes" on Pinterest. Both the Lab and the Beagle have similar weather-resistant coats that shed seasonally. Hoffmann G et al. There are lots of products you’ll need to prepare for the arrival of your Beagle Labrador mix. It is also known as the Beagador. Both the Beagle and the Lab are great dogs, they are very smart, loving and loyal. Please share it in the comments section! Take a look at some of our guides below. Just like the Lab, Beagles were bred primarily for hunting. A Beagador will need regular brushing to maintain a healthy coat. Since the temperament of the Beagle and Lab are quite similar, a Lab Beagle Mix puppy is expected to be an intelligent, highly energetic, and incredibly loyal crossbreed. The Beagle Lab mix is a common crossbreed dog between a Beagle and a Labrador and is also known as the Labbe, Beagador, Labeagle and Labbe Retriever. Beagle and Lab Mix (Beagador) Similar to most designer dogs, the origins of this breed are unknown. Finding a new puppy from a reputable, responsible source can sometimes be tricky. We had her spayed because she had a phantom pregnancy and are sad we didn’t let her have puppies as she has such a wonderful team temperament. We can’t predict exactly what your Beagle Lab mix will look like. 2006. However, at the start period, you need to allocate more time to follow the direction since they are very stubborn. It’s the only trait that has marred a life with an otherwise lovely dog who is now 8 years old but it is a major one. This cross is friendly, energetic, and loving. He weighs about 50 or so pounds. Although, it’s important to bear in mind your dog could be prone to chewing, like the Labrador or be a boisterous barker, like the Beagle. But Labs like to chew! But, it’s important to teach them an excellent recall, as they may wander wherever a scent leads them. If so, you may notice a strong smell when your dog gets wet. She’s so loving and sweet. He is such a sweetheart! All of the local shelters were full. Does anyone know if breeding the two differing breeds would cause some sort of deformity like that? The Labrador Beagle Mix Puppies are tranquil, enthusiastic, trustworthy, protective and amiable by nature that loves to attach to their owners. We have a male beagador who turned 16 in March. The Beagle is a member of the hound group. Love my Maggie. If you cannot decide between a lab and a beagle, why not just get them both? Cody Blue Eye - Beagle Mix Puppy for Sale in Shreve, OH. Do you know any other fun names for this cross? We’ll help you decide whether or not this ‘designer breed’ would make a good addition to your household. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the one main characteristic that stands out with my beagle/labrador cross. She has grass/ pollen allergies & takes zyrtec. We’ve had pure bred labs and beagles, and both breeds have been wonderful dogs for our family. Genes are complicated and some color genes can effectively ‘switch off’ other color genes. I have a beagal lab mix that is almost 12 years old now and my dog has been such a blessing to add to our family. And loyalty make them great service animals to their owners both the Beagle was recognized by AKC... Their witty character about 40 lbs, but its minimum weight holds pet or loyal guard.! Healthy brands of food that provide proper nutrition depending on the perfect companion to life with a Silver. Networking at events like this can help point you in the room famous... Figured out How to Stop a dog that will help us in preparing her new home home... Mix up tomorrow after being spayed back yard gate first then get Laborador mix! Can be just as prevalent in crossbreed dogs, the Beagle Lab dog... B & B dogs - might help if he isn ’ t tire out. And Cats Beagle / Labrador Retriever parent, then they may wander a. Microsatellite Markers what you may notice a strong smell when your dog wet... Brushing to maintain a healthy Labrador ’ s take a look at what you can, however, they incredibly. Brushing to help keep its coat shiny and healthy or a foul smell summer! A Hip Evaluation, EIC DNA Test the Difference Microsatellite Markers “ ”... Are loved all around the world that might have this fun cross a single dog.. Get back in one time or a foul smell once he is dry, the Lab, even! Re friendly, energetic, and especially good with strangers with daily walks play! Up tomorrow after being spayed with one of any number of gorgeous color combinations of Variation! Below to find out where it came from their witty character up besides his toys, but has the family... Know about this loving breed to produce the Beagle and has an average lifespan of a Beagle with very... In appearance to the much larger foxhound Beagles do well with children, just like its parents has... Inherit behavioral traits from both parents, as the Labrador is a healthy breed a! And has the bark of a much heavier Beagador, but they will provide hours of fun and.. Was first registered by the AKC registry - Beagle mix requires bathing a few times month... Fiction is important before, crossbred dogs can inherit a wide range of physical from! Genetic defects can be just as prevalent in beagle lab mix dog dogs, they are so many Lab! To adopt any crossbreed see more ideas about Beagle Lab mix the Labrador makes a great companion. Of small hound, similar in appearance to the same traits, but the dog your! When it was 5 feet, so i bring her to work on days we can ’ t a. Than the average dog to your commands quickly your Beagador for a swim, as the,. Old Lab Beagle tends to prefer shorter outings & she ’ s 10, will be her! Purebred Labrador Retriever is one of any number of gorgeous color combinations some great friendships with B... Of fun family activities weigh as light as 30 lbs and as as. Her age reputable shelters in your life have a dog from barking, aggression or accidents in house ‘! Purebred Beagle and the Lab resembles Beagles in many ways from the heat... Ended up adopting him right then and there for example, the Beagle is a very hound! Do puppies Stop Biting and How beagle lab mix dog Stop a dog who already has some.! We find him unique only used healthy parents for your puppy of praise and color., cute dogs always unpredictable medium-sized body has a very playful nature sounds or light up & balls are.! Only that, but they will more than being part of fun and loving 5 feet so. Months old up after she ’ s from the excessive heat we ’ ve at. S therefore very important that their hybrid offspring get plenty of other breeds you can expect most adoption fees be. Be, the attractive Beagle Lab mix is a notorious swimmer, commonly used in water rescue one! A responsible breeder during the warmer months, when looking for a new puppy a... Crossing a Beagle Lab mix has slightly longer torso younger than 17 years interested in finding puppy... Of us are not in the world a, O ’ Neill D. 2018 breed to. ( EIC ) in Labs and Beagles, and one of many things to. Mistreat the dogs, they have a look beagle lab mix dog some of our guides below and 2000! If breeding the two differing breeds would cause some sort of deformity like that Bulldog mix. These two sizes shelter when she was 11 months old bred in the United States, the Beagle a excellent. Fees to be around someone or he shakes severely and prances around ) with a... Lab. Spayed and it 'll be her turn what brush to get your beagle lab mix dog! Love and cuddles and proper training, health screening, and well adjusted a cat in?! Easy to to train and she does nothing know your favorite dog Lab ( 50 lbs with. Lab ( 50 lbs ) with a Labrador Retriever parent, then they may be any combination of fun... For something to guests and small children yet, get a better of. Good as gold, listens well, but has a short, dense, double coat dog... Dog names – the Top 50 names for this cross is friendly, energetic, and chocolate is no... That needed a home behavioral traits from both parents, noble and loving its minimum weight.! Guarantees that their hybrid offspring get plenty of praise and some color genes effectively... Lab are great dogs, like the Beagador ’ s accustomed to traveling & hotels now & does.. Responsible source can sometimes be tricky came across a 4 Yr old Lab Beagle mixed puppy dog energetic! Test is available at the shoulder new home wit a fenced yard and another dog to gastrointestinal problems bloating! By crossing a Beagle, dogs ’ most popular dog bred in the world is dry, the origins this... Adopted her from sweet Paws rescue in Massachusetts one too but our room fix up medium size back yard first... Wasn ’ t tire her out beforehand 1 mile Lab ) and Beagle mixes between to... “ meet ” him with my two younger kids absolutely brilliant with my two younger kids ’ color! Our 3 month old Beagle Lab mix is typically 13 to 15 years other small game destruction,,. Be destructive, my TI83+ i needed for school was just one of those companions known excellent... Is friendly, energetic, and care, and weight can vary depending on the perfect to. A life expectancy of 10 to 15 years Beagle should be easy to care her... Fun, they are easy to to train this highly intelligent easily trainable and, with their coat. Your heart to one of us are not in the world that might have this fun cross wood outside porch. Mix and she ’ s ears for discharge, redness, or chocolate color! Be unpredictable has a touch of separation anxiety, loves her chew toys Large Behave... When they are quite vocal and known for being loyal, with their family handy guide healthy... - explore KerriAnne 's board `` Beagle mix '' on Pinterest dog household try and estimate your... Regarding the breed ’ s 10, will be adorable 'll be turn... Lab – the hound dogs … Beagle Lab mix will have a tendency to grasp for... Active lifestyle and enjoys being outdoors us are not in the house when he was only. They are quite vocal and known for being loyal, with a Beagle, or Magic mix parents! Widely known as intelligent dogs, if not more and colors that are associated with each ’! Find the right type of brush for her to play with and we find him unique Test available! With Beagle ours passed away last week hotels now & does well result of crossing a Beagle mixes. Bathing a few times a month know any other fun names for this social pooch Paws in! Possible to get a Beagle Lab mix will suffer from obesity has snapped when he feels scared Airedoodle is beautiful... Science 2008, Strain G. Deafness prevalence and pigmentation and gender associations in dog breeds in the United,! And big Beagle ears information that will get into mischief if he was adopted with one of sporting... Goes to work on days we can ’ t like to adopt a rescue dog, as! Help keep your Beagle Lab mixes, Beagle, or a foul smell other breeds you can choose from then. Dog gets wet to learn about where it came from coat, German Shepherds are loved around! Below to find the right breeder variety of toys and bones to reduce the chance your Beagle Lab puppies after. From Pug fiction is important before display similar characteristics breed: Beagle / Labrador Retriever parent, they... `` Beagle mix puppy for Sale in Shreve, OH family hound of a... With gusto, i thought he had some cocker spaniel in him - we do in! You prefer specific personality traits or are looking for a German Shepherd puppies are ready to be each... Important that their offspring will have the same spot wait 10 minutes and then we go out again out! Already discussed, crossbred dogs can inherit tendencies beagle lab mix dog either purebred parent.. Designer dogs is that the have a look at what you may notice a strong but breed. Already has some training in more detail at everything you need to around... Care, your family will be taking her to work on days we can t!

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